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Chuck started out shooting faces.  He shot so many of them that agents started to notice and began sending him actors, actresses and models for their composite images. Clients started seeing all his images on all those composites and started calling him to shoot commercial assignments and that’s how it began.

Chuck studied with and attended workshops by Nancy Brown and Dean Collins to mention two of the more notable ones.  Picking up on shooting beauty, fashion lifestyle, corporate and related images, he decided to shoot catalog work first so he could develop production experience as well as provide a steady income stream to develop other projects.  Being able to handle large productions helped to get clients such as RJ Reynolds, Bacardii, Revlon and The Sports Authority. A switch to digital imaging in the early 90’s allowed Chuck to be on the cutting edge of that emerging technology.  Being able to produce a shoot and deliver images very quickly became an advantage that was quickly taken. Having studios in Birmingham Alabama and Ft. Lauderdale Florida allows for  great flexibility in assignment scheduling.

Philosophically, here is his viewpoint:

I don’t have a philosophy about what I do that departs from the clients’ need to solve a problem and market a service or product.  I think that if I worry too much about art, then the message can get lost in my own interpretation of the art directors’  or a clients need to showcase what they are selling. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t try to put my own spin on it.  You can use an interesting visual style to assist making your point more compelling.  It’s not all about the photographer.  It’s a collaborative effort to make your point.

Birmingham Alabama Ft. Lauderdale Florida


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